Looking at What Causes Shin Splints

Are you currently searching for what causes shin splints to know for sure if you are suffering from one of its symptoms? Some of your concerns might be answered in this post, so do read on:

1. Sudden Addition to Existing Workout Volume

When you add a sudden amount of workout to your existing one, your shins might not be able to tolerate the dramatic pressure. For instance, if you usually jog for two miles a day but one day you decide to jog for five miles, you’re actually giving a lot of pressure to the muscles and joints in your shins.

To avoid injuries, you need to add your workout volume in proper increments.

2. Weakened Muscles

When speaking about what causes shin splints, one of the concerns is related to weak quad muscles. These muscles play an important role in supporting your lower shin and knee. When you do repetitive movements, these are the muscles that handle the pressure and prevent your shin from injuries. When they’re not strong enough, an excess of rubbing may occur in the area of your knee cap and this may result in pain.

To prevent possible injuries, it’s imperative that you perform daily strength training workouts involving your quad muscles.

3. Running Downwards

When you are running downhill, you are actually applying more pressure to the lower part of your tibia bone due to the impact of gravity. Therefore, whenever you need to run downwards, you should consider slowing your pace so that not too much pressure is applied on your shins.

Shin splints can be caused by many other factors, such as the use of worn out footwear and the involvement of repetitive movements. Regardless of what causes shin splints, if you’re suffering from this condition don’t worry because the most advanced solution is available for you at www.stopshinsplints.com.